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Quality Policy

It is the Company's strategic intention to strive to become recognised as a World Class supplier.

The quality system and its procedures are aimed at achieving this by fulfilling the following objectives: -

  • To comply with the requirements of relevant aerospace industry supply system norms and those of our regulating bodies.
  • To provide a service or product that will meet the customer’s requirement in all aspects in a cost effective and profitable manner.
  • To continually strive to improve the quality management system, existing procedures and practises at all levels and through all disciplines of the business.
  • The Quality Management System will be supported through continual staff training and awareness to ensure that our policies and objectives are maintained and relevant to our requirements. The prime objective of all members of staff is to get it right first time every time.
  • To work to eliminate risk from our activities, processes and products, and to maximise beneficial business opportunities.
  • To honour our responsibilities for well-being to the environment, community and our own workforce.

The policies and objectives have the full support of the Directors and the total commitment of every employee within the business.