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Our relationship with many hirework forging facilities around the globe allow us to give our customers the flexibility of ordering small quantities, specific sizes or specifications with a fast delivery. This can be a very useful alternative to dealing directly with the mills offering large quantities and long lead times. We can also offer a diverse range of open and closed die forgings, forged or rolled rings, open hammer, press forgings and turbine blade manufacture.


  • Up to 1500mm in diameter
  • Maximum weight 1500kg
  • Height up to 500mm
  • Ring rolling up to 2500mm OD


  • Round square or hexagon bars
  • From 3.17mm diameter up to 508mm diameter
  • Up to 508mm wide


  • Maximum length 1500mm
  • Maximum weight 1500kgs


  • Workable dimensions 3500mm x 4500mm

Other Services

  • Heat treatment
  • Sawing
  • Rolling
  • Testing
  • Machining